In our Stories for Seniors series, we are creating books
which are pertinent and entertaining for the seasoned crowd.  Why should children be the ones having all of the fun?  Because
the themes in our books have universal appeal,
they are enjoyed by young and senior kids of every culture.  Especially when the young and older kids read together!

Leafing through the pages of these beautifully illustrated
works, you feel more like you're watching a film, rather
than reading a story.  This is no accident.  Our featured
 author and illustrator, Alan M Hines has been immersed as
a scenic artist, in Hollywood's entertainment
industry for over 20 years.  Each drawing is set-up like a
movie shoot, intertwining with text to complete each scene. 
Toddlers to Dodderers Publishing 
has a classic and romantic take on life as well.

We believe in hope, true love, virtue, humor, and spirits,
 including the Christmas one.  Because life is not all sunny side up, there are occasional insightful moments and
ironic twists, which balance events and keep the tales interesting.  Regardless of who you are, stick around.  Toddlers to Dodderers Publishing 
has something in store for you.  We will continue  
creating stories with visual magic that amuse, enlighten,
and inspire you and yours, for years to come!
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